Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sunrise to Snowflake


The morning trumpets her arrival with the most glorious sunrise, rich in hues of red, orange, pink, and deep blue. As the sun rises over the Catskill Mountains, the sky spins a cotton candy white, then soft gray, as popsicle snowflakes begin falling gently to the earth. This is a wonderful start to the New Year, and a reminder of my original intention for this blog.

While originally a private journal for a book project, over time I have become fascinated with icons of all types, the grand, religious, as well as the small, everyday symbols that provoke special meaning to those who witness it.

While the focus of this blog is a digital journal for my research about the 1000 Great Cultural Events of Television History, I will focus regularly, not just on pop culture and the television revoloution, but icons big and small, more aptly said, the preservation and conservation of the galaxies iconography. And what better place to start than sunrise to snowfall.

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