Monday, March 12, 2007

Sonny & Cher Reunite, November 13, 1987

The return of Cher to Late Night with David Letterman was destined to be a ratings winner. A press-fueled rumour lingered of a Cher/Letterman fued. Cher had nailed Letterman on her previous appearance, calling him "an asshole" following a string of typically indulgent Letterman questions.

This time, Sonny joined Cher for the interview. Any viewers hoping to see Cher give it to Letterman again had nothing to fear. Cher was in top form. Sonny and Cher sat tensely in adjecent chairs and bantered about their careers. When Letterman cajoled Sonny & Cher to perform "I've Got You Babe", Cher balked as the audience went wild. Letterman told her not to be nervous, this was not planned, it's a last minute thing," Cher bleeped to Letterman "You are so full of shit". When he retaliated about her being nervous for being on the show, she sarcastically continued, "I'm not nervous for being on the show with you!

The audience, though, thrilled by the reunion, encourage both to the stage. Obviously nervous, and a bit stunned, the long-divorced couple followed the band's music ackwardly reading cue cards and stumbling over verses. Half way through their old classic hit, however, magic happened, and Sonny and Cher did reunite. Their short glances and broad smiles proved real. By the end of the song Sonny & Cher were arm and arm, and the home audience shed tears right along with them.

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